Easter Update Pros and Cons


It’s time to think outside the box. The Easter update box.

We’ve done the usual breakdown/analysis of the Easter update. We’ve looked at the facts, the numbers, felt some of the emotions and hate-eaten some awful foods. We’ve ranted and raved and talked ourselves off ledges. Now let’s have some fun.

Time for a break to look at some of the pros and cons of this update in a way that even a child could understand. NOTE: Do NOT let a child read this…

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TSTO Crazy Cat Lady Walkthrough


Ryan here with a Crazy Cat Lady Walkthrough. The most sought after (and coincidentally expensive) character in the update comes with her house and a premium price tag of 180 Donuts. Yeesh.

CCL aka Eleanor Abernathy is a fantastic character always good for a laugh on the show. Her quest line is called “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” If it looks a little short…well it is.

At least she has an Egg Earning Task and while she may not be voiced, she does make cat sounds. There’s a sentence I always knew I’d write at some point in my life…

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Diary of a Freemium TSTO Easter, Part I


Ryan here, with a feature I wanted to run for this update. My “Diary of a Freemium TSTO Easter.” I’ll be doing these at regular intervals throughout the update, tracking my progress and marking the dizzying highs and the face palming lows. I thought it could be a fun experiment.

What does it mean? It means that at the start of this update I have 7 donuts. Honestly, I can’t justify buying more. These 7 represent the end of a “Store Full of Donuts” purchased during the Gil holiday offer…so really it was a store and a half. I got a lot of fun content between then and now but lately I am frustrated. I don’t feel I want to endorse things like this update. I won’t pay for a chance to gamble for imaginary content. That’s just a few steps too far removed from reality for me.

I know that besides the “cute one” of our duo, I am usually the less pragmatic, more optimistic uncranky to Cranky’s crank. I’m not going to try to be anything in particular during this. I’m not aiming to be positive or negative…just shooting from the hip here.

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Breaking Down the Math of the Easter EGG-STRACTION …Good Luck!

I wrote this morning that I felt that without a doubt, this is the most convoluted, mean-spirited, greedy update in TSTO History. Apparently, I am not alone in my assessment.

However…the Bliss-Ninnies on a couple of the sycophant blogs (syc·o·phant- ˈsikəfənt,-ˌfant – noun – 1.a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage) have waxed rhapsodic how “As long as you play the game and collect eggs you are guaranteed to collect ALL of the prizes, without spending a single donut on eggs.”

Excuse me…while I check the math…and then scream, “BULLSHIRT!!!!”

The math is simple…and it is NOT stacked up in a way that will “guarantee” anything…much less collecting all of the prizes.

Let’s take a look…and trust me…if I am wrong…I WANT TO BE CORRECTED…because the way this is stacking up, makes me squirm as someone who was held accountable for fair use/truth in advertising for my entire career. The TRUTH is…you CAN’T WIN EVERYTHING playing Freemium. And the word “Guarantee” doesn’t even come close reality here.

This isn’t an update for Freemium players…it is an Easter EGG-STRACTION of the Donut Kind!

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HAPPY EASTER! Eggsactly What We Wanted… Not!


It was the Worst of Times and it was the Even Worse of Times…HAPPY EASTER!

Well…they have finally done it folks. EA has found a way to combine elements from several other updates, to create what is clearly the most complicated, expensive, and abusive update ever.


As I am always ridiculed for being FAR too “Half Glass Empty” these days, I want to start with something POSITIVE… The electric Bunny Stunner is a hoot. It saves TONS of time, trying to find the bunnies in your town. The little bunnies are cute…but they are experts at hiding in bushes, behind buildings, in forests…kind of like real bunnies. The BS (oh…wait…now I know why they didn’t call it a Bunny Zapper) works like a charm. It makes a fun, “Science-y sound” like an old B-Movie horror film…and it has a field of energy/sparks that you simply guide through the town, forests, hills, and dales (OK…there are no dales in Sprinfield…but it sounds good) to uncover all of the bunnies lurking in your Springfield. If only getting rid of REAL Bunnies were so simple!


Now the Not So Positive…

What do you get when you combine the worst parts of the Christmas WHell and the worst parts of Whacking Day? HAPPY EASTER!

And that’s just the beginning. There is loads of content…but almost NONE of it is “Freemium.” In fact…once you get into the odds/prices etc. of the logic behind this new update, you have to be out of your mind to care…or will GO out of your mind trying!

But hey!!! WE GOT THE CRAZY CAT LADY!! Which appears to have almost nothing to do with this update…except she throws bunnies for a while.

Let’s start by breaking things down at the “Game-Play” level…and how many hoops we are asked to jump through for the “honor” of winning a fancy chunk of fence.
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Tapped Out Easter Walkthrough

WALKTHROUGH-GenericRyan here with the standard quick Tapped Out Easter Walkthrough. Everything you need to stay on track and play through this update quickly and efficiently.

The main quest is but a shade of the full story. We’ll cover the premium content, the egg gathering and prizes. All the mechanics and other things that will be keeping us busy for the next month. The main questline will take a normal person maybe a week and a half…so don’t go nuts. There is plenty of time.

Refer back here if you need any help progressing through the 18 parts of the main quest: “Four Day Weekend For Our Sins” in all its delightfully sacriligious glory. There are also a few side quests. SPOILERS FOLLOW….

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TinyCo Responds Directly to Family Guy Post…Call me Impressed


First, let’s start this with a couple of obvious facts. Ryan and I are not your typical bloggers. We have taken the time to do this as professionally as possible, backed it up with a book on the topic, and between the two of us, have more than 20 years of Internet Services and Applications Company and Development experience. OK…so I have about 19 of those years…but Ryan is a very fast learner.

The reason I am writing this, is that in all of my years in the Internet industry, I have never had a direct comment response on a  blog/social media post, from an upper-level staffer. It is made even more unusual, as it came during the crazy, first days after a major release period, when most staffers are up to their eyeballs in issues.

This impressed me…and at the same time, scared the bejebus out of me.
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TSTO Easter is Here!!! [UPDATED]

NEWSFLASH-GENERICRyan here, and so apparently is the TSTO Easter update. Rumored for some days, spoiled for some hours now live.

This is an app store update so head to your respective store to download a new version of the game.

The official description mentions a town overrun by ravenous bunnies. Something about a bunny stunner and the collecting and trading of eggs for “prize filed Easter boxes.” It also mentions a couple of the characters and buildings. That’s it for now. SPOILERS follow after the break…ALSO, This post will be updated a few times as we progress from initial details to fully fleshed out overview.

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All right…it would appear that for whatever reason (and who can even begin to understand the day to day workings of EA), there are a load of new items in the Game Files that are observable, and worth reporting, that would suggest that the EASTER UPDATE is going to be a biggy…or at least FAR better than the last few.

The best news to me…is that EA/FOX/Gracie have apparently brought us my most desired missing character…

SPOILER ALERT—SPOILER ALERT…if you don’t want to know…don’t click below!!
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Ideas for Songs


I’ve always loved music…but never been very good at it. Dave Chappelle has a great quote in his movie “Block Party” about how every comedian secretly wants to be a musician and that every musician thinks they’re funny. I think this is true.

I’ve always felt that I had good ideas for songs but the idea of “writing” them and getting them “in key” usually scared me away from actually producing any of my musical works. As such, I will offer up my fantabulous ideas for songs to anyone who wants them (and wants to give me credit / 75% of all profits).

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Why I am Uninstalling The Family Guy Quest for Stuff


It’s interesting to me that a game, owned in part by the same parent company (FOX) as TSTO, would miss the mark in so many ways for me as FGQFS has.

Let’s begin with the technical stuff…because, that is where I was waxing rhapsodically about the speed of the load times, the graphics, animations, and over-all technical superiority to TSTO.

The game is fast. But, because of the speed, there is an immediate transformation into something akin to a nagging teenager with ADD who wants you to watch him repeat the new dance move he just copied from “Dance, Dance Fever Master Tracks.”  Therefore, it took me FAR less time than most mobile games I have, to decide to remove it.

Here are the primary problems with The Family Guy Quest for Stuff for me…
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Watch With Ryan! Days of Future Future Edition


Ryan here with this week’s NEW edition of “Watch With Ryan!” We’re STILL in a multi-week run of new episodes that is now finally over…but the break will only be a week. As always, tonight you’ll get a little synopsis, my thoughts, some trivia and you ca upgrade to Mega Sized for just 32 cents more. Sounds awesome right?

Tonight we’ll be talking about the just-aired 18th Episode of Season 25: “Days of Future Future

So as usual this is somewhere around West Coast air time in the USA…and not everyone has been able to watch here. Our international readers are always relegated to crazy international things, so I’m not going to ruin the show…if you want to watch it first and form your own opinions,come back later. No more until after the break…SPOILERS FOLLOW

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The Simpsonian Institute Origin Stories: Sanjay and his House


Ryan here with another rollicking Simpsonian Institute Origin Story from the Level 39 content. Say what you will about the update (really, that wasn’t a figure of speech, speak your mind and rant on!) but I for one was happy to see Sanjay in the game for free. Mostly because he is a bit of a blast from the past character. Most of his great moments are in seasons 3-9. Real golden year stuff.

Oh and yeah, I just like doing my graphics my way now.

Sure he pops up in some later seasons but his best stuff came early. He was also more important back when Apu was a bachelor without family. He brought not only another Indian character to the show but his conveniently appearing family allowed Apu to engage some with children before he got eight of his own.

Honestly it never gets a great explanation on the show and can get a little confusing if you didn’t follow carefully from the beginning so I’m going to break down who Sanjay and his House and People are, then some favorite moments and jokes. All this and more to discuss!

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TSTO Poll Results on Tapping – New Poll on Family Guy

With the release of the new Fox Franchise, The Family Guy Quest for Stuff, I actually thought we would see  a bit more attrition than we did.  While it’s true we have had a couple of updates…kinda…mostly, the general consensus in comments has been a reduction in playing time and attention to the game. However…the Stats did not really reveal that to be entirely the case.

This Survey is about the Family Guy. Did you trying it? Play it? Hate it? Love it? Are you going to play both?  Tell us OVER HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In the meantime…Here are the TSTO Poll Result on Tapping

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Saying goodbye to a friend…


Death and I have a strange relationship. Since my NDE in 1995, with a chance to “dance on the other side” and return, I have never feared death, as much as just found the concept inconvenient. There is still so much to do. And when someone you know passes before their time (is there really ever the right time?), even one as traveled and experienced on the subject as myself, finds reason to take pause.

So it was yesterday, when I got the news that someone who really loved life, and made a very real contribution to making the world happy with his presence, had left this earthly plane to move through the portal of our space/time, and into another realm of existence.
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UPDATE RUMOR… Something Easter this way comes?

We generally don’t report Rumor and Speculation, as there is enough of that going around these days with the release of the Family Guy game.  Stuff like, “Will Family Guy be the number one game ever you S.O.B.?” or “Will Family Guy make you laugh so hard you pee your pants and end up setting the house on fire because you don’t know how to use the dryer properly?”

Bah…that’s just Family Guy drivel…not a REAL Rumor.

HERE’S a REAL RUMOR…an it has to do with the NEXT TSTO UPDATE!!!
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Report: Tapped Out Excuses Getting Lamer With Game


We have new reports that while The Simpsons Tapped Out has been cranking out a disappointing series of updates; apparently players’ excuses for avoiding friends, family and others have grown lamer as a response.

It’s a case of life imitating art (?) imitating animated life imitating real life.

What we’re hearing is that since EA can’t seem to be bothered to compile a properly conceived and executed update players of the game simply can’t be bothered to put the same energy and excitement they used to put into the way they ask to leave a room or for “one more minute” to tap.

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Family Guy Quest for Stuff …the Iceberg for TSTO?

Well…So…The Family Guy Quest for Stuff game became available today. And like most of you (come on…who are you kidding?) I was interested enough to check it out- so I downloaded it, and started playing (as I am currently in yet another 48 waiting period with Apu from the last TSTO Update).

My first impressions are…well…WOW!

Some “Good Wow” and some “Bad Wow.”

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The Simpsonian Institute Origin Stories: Capital City Goofball

Simpsonian-Inst_Cap City Goofball

Ah the Capital City Goofball, mascot to “The Windy Apple” and home of big time, major league baseball. He’s also a low level celebrity and crazy character…just call him “Goof.”

The Goof is part of our new episode tie-in for “Days of Future Future” (Airing this Sunday!) as well as being the latest Friendship Point Prize earnable with 3,000 FP.

He’s a minor but memorable character on the show. It’s a little disappointing that he’s yet another NPC (non-playable character or “pet” if you like) and has no tasks or dialogue. Then again it would be tricky to find tasks for him. He’s a mascot through and through. Let’s have a look at his Simpsonian Origins…

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Episode Tie-In Days of Future Future- Updated with Walkthrough


OK… I hate it when I am right…especially as it pertains to updates. But, I told Ryan a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t think Whacking Day was going to hit soon…if ever…and that because of a huge schedule of back-to-back episodes, they would default to using “tie-in updates.”

Boom! The Days of Future Future  (sounds like one of my physics thesis)
Homer Starts…automatically…in game update…and NOBODY saw it coming…again.

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Pricing and Execution Blamed for EA’s Loss of Family Guy

EPPP Confidential- Part II

Jeanene Broadsmoore had worked as the personal assistant to the EPPP (Executive Premium Product Pricer) far longer than most people remembered that there WAS an EPPP.  And in all of her time sitting at the desk outside of the EPPP’s office, she had never seen the kind of mayhem, chaos, and emotional terror created by a single meeting.

It was originally thought that the meeting (also known by most as HFSD or HolyFreakinShirt Day) had been called merely to update all of the department heads on the next series of game content, and make sure that everyone had their “Stampy’s in a row.” However, as soon as the large glass doors to the board room closed, it was evident to everyone within a hundred feet or more, that this was no ordinary planning meeting.

There was yelling…chairs and tables overturned, and girlish shrieks emanating from middle-aged men in $2,000 suits. Through the tinted glass could be seen the silhouettes of others pressed up against the glass doors, trying to make their escape, then being mercilessly jerked away, or pummeled to floor.

Jeanene knew that something was coming. “The Voice” on the flip phone had told her to be ready.

Like Arnold, the current EPPP (the fourth in a long line over the past year), she had simply found the flip phone on her desk one morning as she came to work, and had picked it up when it rang.

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TSTO Friends Community: AboutChoo!


Ok so here’s the deal…

We here at TSTOFriends have an AMAZING community of readers, commenters and genuine friends. We laugh, we cry, we yell, we poke fun and celebrate the good times while propping each other up in the bad times. So in some ways it’s more like a family…a big crazy family; but without squabbling over inheritance (who gets rich Uncle Zeke’s gold!?) Before you start thinking this is going to be another sappy, “lets hug” post let me clear things up: it’ll only be like, half that.

We’ve had some pretty cool projects and opportunities for community participation. There are the amazing array of Guest Posts, the always fun Poll Results and Discussions, that fantastic Holiday Writing Contest we had and a smattering of other things in the Community Art and Writing Center. A personal favorite of mine and Patric’s was the TSTO Community World Map and Downloadable Travel-Brochure project.

Now besides all this fun, we often have outstanding ideas come from you, the readers. Whether it’s something for us to write or do or wear or parse…it’s all good fun. Now it’s time for a new twist. Continue reading

TSTO Community World Map and Downloadable Travel-Brochure



This place is amazing…no doubt about it.
When people ask me what makes it so unique and different than other TSTO Blogs/Forums…the answer is easy- THE COMMUNITY.  We continue to be blown away by the interaction, civility, intelligence, and desire to share.

Nothing proves the point better than our Put A Pin In It map experiment. Well…TAKE A LOOK. More than 75 pages (and growing) and close to 37,000 words (and growing) this document is a testament to the power of the Internet and a “Silly Little Game” to cross boundaries, borders and differences- to become a single community.

THE DOWNLOADABLE .PDF Version of our Incredible TSTO Community World Map is done.

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